About the Band

Songwriters Dawn Lepere, Jeff Starns and Paul Sticca joined together to form the band AcouSticca just a few short years ago... the three were born and raised hundreds of miles apart - Dawn in Ohio, Jeff in Louisiana and Paul in Massachusetts. What brought the three together was their passion for music and songwriting. Each performer brings their own special vibe to their overall sound, as the trio incorporates various acoustic instruments and uplifting vocal harmonies into their sound. But it doesn’t stop there. AcouSticca’s sound is even larger when the rhythm section joins in on the fun, which includes Paul's long-time right-hand man, bassist and co-founder Greg Laughran (The Chicken Yard, Small Town Reunion) and most recently joining, world-renowned drummer extraordinaire Tim Smith (Poco, Jars of Clay and many more).

The band performs their own original music as well as many covers of some of the world's greatest songs from Country, Blues and Rock legends such as Johnny Cash, EmmyLou Harris, Tom Petty and The Rolling Stones to name a few, while adding their own signature style to these classic songs.

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Check out a live video of "Drunk Love" from the new album coming in 2022: Click Here

Even facing the challenges of the pandemic, the band recently released the full-length album "AcouSticca Abandoned Radio" in Decmeber 2020. And, most notably, the first track "Start Over Again" has been played on Meg Griffin's Radio Show "Disorder" on the The Loft on SirusXM radio.

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As we continue to perform and record, on July 15, 2021, we released a new A/B side "45 style" record aptly titled "In a Locked Down Town", which features 2 songs recorded early 2021 including "Meaningless Conversations" and "The Song That I Wrote".

Listen to or purchase "In a Locked Down Town": Click Here

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Performing in formats from solo, trio to full band, to "plus Special Guests" formats

Booking now for the remainder of 2021 and 2022

Phone: 413-648-ROCK (413-648-7625)

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